Step 1: figure out what you can afford

Click the button below to get pre approved by my preferred lender.  Everything can be done online and it shouldn't take too long.  This is a great tool that will give us a general idea of your home search budget. It will also let us understand the type of financing you are eligible for, which could also determine the type of properties we need to focus our search on.

step 2:  find a realtor you trust


Before You Buy

Preparation is key when purchasing a property. From down payments and mortgage prequalification to understanding the type of home that will meet your needs and satisfy your wants.  Together with my lender partners, I can make sure your financial ducks are in a row and your expectations are grounded in reality when preparing to buy.  Click the link below  to take my buyer quiz.  It will help me greatly in finding the right place for you, it may even help you a little bit.


The Search

Selecting your perfect home will require research, expert guidance and knowledge of the local market, and you'll need to consider what it is you're looking for. I can help you find the place that fits your taste, your budget, and your lifestyle. I'm a home hunter's best friend.


Making the Purchase

So, you've found the perfect home that meets all your criteria, from a great location to just the right square footage. As your trusted agent, I will guide you through the logistical — and emotional — challenges of the purchase process, to ensure you are in a solid position before you sign on the dotted line.